• Acceptable file formats: PDF, PSD, AI or TIFF
  • Minimum resolution: 300 dpi
  • All files should be sent in the final printing dimensions plus a .25″ -.5″ seam allowance
  • Send the image file sized to the final printing dimensions with a seam allowance of .25”-.5”
  • Include the final label size and whether you would like a cotton or synthetic label in your email submission. Please note that cotton tags cannot have exposed edges due to fraying.
  • We use Pantone+ Solid Coated in our printing, please include the Pantone color(s) in your email submission. If you require Pantone matching please reach out to your account manager.
  • While we don’t have a size limit on fabric labels please reach out to your account manager if you would like a label larger than 4”.

The process of making co-branded labels for Peace by Piece International.

From digital design to Pantone matching, to the final physical tag.