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Ethical Small Business Gift Guide

Oftentimes, when people want to support us, they ask us where they can buy our products. So, to make it easy + fun for you this holiday season, we put together an ethical small business gift guide where we’ve highlighted a mix of our client partners and their products. By supporting their missions, you’re supporting […]

Where W+S Sources Our Fabrics

Welcome to the third installment of our Designer Services blog series! If you haven’t checked out the first two posts, we encourage you to do so– How W+S Brings Your Custom Product Designs to Life, and When W+S Designer Services are Right For You. This post is going to give you a comprehensive overview of […]

When W+S Designer Services are Right for You

Are you interested in utilizing WORK+SHELTER’s Designer Services but unsure what that entails? First, make sure you read our last blog post: How WORK+SHELTER Brings Your Custom Product Designs to Life. This second installment of our Designer Services blog series will help you decide when it makes the most sense to work with us on […]

How WORK+SHELTER Brings Your Custom Product Designs to Life

WORK+SHELTER offers a range of Designer Services to guide you through the process of creating custom designed products. If you’re not someone who has a lot of experience in the production side of the industry, you might not initially realize how complex it can be. Some of you may have even gone through the process before […]

Why Fabric Scraps are Worth Saving

Have you ever felt like fabric scraps are the bane of your existence? No? Ok, maybe it’s just me! At WORK+SHELTER fabric scraps are one of those pests, that no matter how hard you try (unless we’re working with a zero-waste* design) you simply cannot avoid them. Think of it this way, you have a […]

Chances Are This Fabric is Covering Your Bum Right Now

Close to 80% of material used at WORK+SHELTER is cotton. Almost all of that is organic. Why does that matter? Well, besides the fact that this crop has likely been converted into material that is probably next to your skin right now, producing cotton can have startling social, environmental, and economic impacts. For starters, check […]

Designing with Upcycled Saris: A Fun + Sustainable Solution

  “To produce anything new, you’re using so many resources – using recycled materials is the most sustainable option.” -Lily Forbes Shafroth of LILY FORBES Co.   The pursuit of the world’s most eco-friendly material feels like an eternal journey. Over the years bamboo, organic cotton,and recycled polyester have all informally claimed to be the […]