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Junior Manager Capacity Building at WORK+SHELTER

WORK+SHELTER exists to help women-in-need in India. This goal is accomplished in a number of different ways including meeting new team members or staff where they are on professional level, and providing them with opportunities, support, and tools along the way. Our team members in New Delhi may have vastly different levels of educational or […]

How WORK+SHELTER Brings Your Custom Product Designs to Life

Behind every great product is a thorough product-development process, and WORK+SHELTER offers a range of development services to help get your custom design ready for production. Our in-house team of can guide you through every step. Or we can work collaboratively with your design team to fill in any gaps between your developed materials and […]

When W+S Development & Patternmaking Services are Right for You

Are you interested in getting your product made with WORK+SHELTER, but not sure of the best strategy for your product development? First, make sure you read our last blog post: How WORK+SHELTER Brings Your Custom Product Designs to Life. This second installment of our series will help you decide when it makes the most sense […]

Where W+S Sources Our Fabrics

Welcome to the third installment of our development services blog series! If you haven’t checked out the first two posts, we encourage you to do so: How W+S Brings Your Custom Product Designs to Life and When W+S Development Services are Right For You. This post will give you an overview of how and where we source […]

Customize Your Products with WORK+SHELTER

WORK+SHELTER offers a variety of options when it comes to customizing your products. Whether you need to add your logo to our lineup of promotional products or you want an original print produced for your spring line, we’re here to make it happen. We work directly with the mills, dyers, and printers, managing and quality […]

WORK+SHELTER Celebrates 11 Years

WORK+SHELTER was founded in 2011. To celebrate, we compiled a timeline of highlights and turning points as we’ve grown our staff,  our expertise, and our reliance on green materials. We couldn’t have gotten this far without our wonderful clients, who helped us grow. Thank you!   A WORK+SHELTER Timeline 2007: W+S founder Theresa VanderMeer visits […]

WORK+SHELTER’s Training Program

At WORK+SHELTER, we focus on supporting women in need and poverty alleviation by providing Indian women with fair-trade work. At our center in New Delhi women are entered into our paid training program where we teach them the skills to create high-quality products for the export market. We do not have any prerequisites to joining […]

Why Fabric Scraps are Worth Saving

Have you ever felt like fabric scraps are the bane of your existence? No? Ok, maybe it’s just me! At WORK+SHELTER fabric scraps are one of those pests, that no matter how hard you try (unless we’re working with a zero-waste* design) you simply cannot avoid them. Think of it this way, you have a […]

Chances Are You Are Wearing This Fiber Right Now

Close to 80% of material used at WORK+SHELTER is cotton. Almost all of that is organic. Why does that matter? Well, besides the fact that this crop has likely been converted into material that is probably next to your skin right now, producing cotton can have startling social, environmental, and economic impacts. For starters, check […]