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Chances Are This Fabric is Covering Your Bum Right Now

Close to 80% of material used at WORK+SHELTER is cotton. Almost all of that is organic. Why does that matter? Well, besides the fact that this crop has likely been converted into material that is probably next to your skin right now, producing cotton can have startling social, environmental, and economic impacts. For starters, check […]

Designing with Upcycled Saris: A Fun + Sustainable Solution

  “To produce anything new, you’re using so many resources – using recycled materials is the most sustainable option.” -Lily Forbes Shafroth of LILY FORBES Co.   The pursuit of the world’s most eco-friendly material feels like an eternal journey. Over the years bamboo, organic cotton,and recycled polyester have all informally claimed to be the […]

Get to Know W+S Founder, Theresa VanderMeer

One of my favorite questions to be asked is, “What do you do?” In my capacity as the CEO of WORK+SHELTER, I feel super lucky to work with dozens of amazing women in India. Someone inevitably asks me next, “Where did this idea even come from? How did you do it?” I recently shared the […]

What is a B Corp and Why it’s Important to Us to Become One

    We’re excited to announce that we’re in the process of becoming a B Corp. The B in B Corp stands for “Benefit.” This holistic certification proves that not only are we creating value for the women we work with in India, but also for our suppliers, our local community, and the environment. Traditional […]

Conscious Creators Co. Highlights How W+S Came to Be

Thank you to our good friend Laura Vogel at Conscious Creators Co. for taking the time to chat with our founder Theresa VanderMeer!  Below you may read her kind words about how WORK+SHELTER came to be:     “Sometimes the stars of location and inspiration align, as they did for me when I stumbled upon […]