One of my favorite questions to be asked is, “What do you do?” In my capacity as the CEO of WORK+SHELTER, I feel super lucky to work with dozens of amazing women in India. Someone inevitably asks me next, “Where did this idea even come from? How did you do it?”

I recently shared the answers to these questions on the Becoming Aligned podcast with Maureen Ryan, a Self Discovery Mentor and all around lovely person. We talked about some other juicy stuff too including:

  • How to use business as a vehicle for good
  • Tips on being a more conscious consumer
  • The special importance of self-care and preventing burnout for entrepreneurs 

…and more!  This conversation helps to paint a picture of how a tiny dream became a thriving business, and provides a better understanding of the personal journey that helped shape and inspire me.  Enjoy 🙂



Theresa VanderMeer

-Founder + CEO