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How WORK + SHELTER is making an impact this holiday season!

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WORK + SHELTER is teaming up with Packed with Purpose to build strength and community this season.

Packed with Purpose partners with WORK+SHELTER

High-quality, handmade goods are a delight to give, especially when they also give back. When we look beyond the festive decor, past the holiday hustle and bustle, this season is a time for gratitude and celebration. A big part of that is gift-giving: We give gifts to show our love, our appreciation and our shared feelings of joy.

But what if a gift could do more than just bring a smile to its recipient? What if buying tokens for our friends, family and colleagues was also a gift to our community and those in need across the U.S. + beyond?

WORK+SHELTER is building strong, independent women in India by providing fair-trade work and safe places to live. We’re working to create a new workforce of women who possess the technical training and financial literacy to be successful in the workplace. Our organization partners with brands to produce fashionable bags, pouches and other quality goods that are made with natural dyes and organic textiles, hand-loomed by craftswomen and sold internationally. And our handmade stuffed animals showcase endangered animals native to India, giving little ones a unique and meaningful new friend.

This holiday season, we are proud to team up with Packed with Purpose to make an additional impact. Packed with Purpose curates products like ours into gift boxes for corporations, employees, clients, and anyone else on your list. Thoughtful and well-made, the products in Packed with Purpose gift boxes make a positive impact in our own communities, just as our goods provide women with fair-trade work, safe housing and opportunity.

The truth is that giving back feels good. Investing in socially-minded companies this holiday season gives you the best of both worlds: gifts that delight the person who receives them and support a mission you believe in. Choosing products that help fund causes we care about makes the practice of holiday spending that much more meaningful. WORK + SHELTER has made this a value since day one.

When we shop small, we contribute to positive change in our communities and our world. Investing in social good while making quality products is at the heart of our mission, and of the mission of our partners at Packed with Purpose, whose beautiful gift boxes are filled with a curated selection of products from socially conscious companies — including ours.

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