Embracing Recycled Cotton: W+S Expands Our Sustainable Fiber Supply Chain

Photo Credit: Lotta Jansdotter

At WORK+SHELTER, our ethos is deeply rooted in ethical practices, sustainability, and empowerment, especially for women in need. This commitment extends to every facet of our operations, from fair-trade labor to sourcing materials. Today, we delve into the world of recycled cotton fabric – a choice that resonates with our values and offers numerous benefits for our planet, our customers, and our incredible women-lead team.

Recycled denim rovings

Sustainable Manufacturing: The WORK+SHELTER Way

Resource Conservation: Traditional cotton farming is resource-intensive, but by incorporating recycled cotton, we significantly reduce water usage and environmental strain. This aligns with our mission to minimize our impact on the earth, echoing our efforts to use over 95% of fabrics with an environmental qualifier.

Lower Carbon Footprint: Our commitment to eco-friendly equality involves reducing energy consumption. The process of recycling cotton aligns with this, ensuring a lower carbon footprint compared to new cotton production.

Chemical Usage Reduction: We choose recycled cotton (and organic for that matter) to avoid the heavy pesticides and fertilizers used in conventional cotton farming, safeguarding our environment and promoting healthier practices.

recycled cotton yarn

Benefits for Our Customers

Eco-Conscious Choices: Choosing products made from recycled cotton allows you, our customers, to support sustainable and ethical manufacturing. This choice is a testament to your commitment to a better planet.

Quality and Uniqueness: Recycled cotton doesn’t mean compromised quality. Our products maintain high standards of durability and offer unique aesthetics, embodying the unique spirit of WORK+SHELTER.

Cost-Effectiveness: We strive to make sustainable choices accessible. In manufacturing, reducing waste and being efficient is naturally lower cost, and our recycled cotton products are an example of that.


Benefits for Our Team

Healthier Work Environments: Avoiding the harmful chemicals in traditional cotton production means a safer, healthier workplace for our team. This aligns with our commitment to providing a clean, safe environment with regular health check-ups.

Ethical Production Practices: By using recycled cotton, we further our commitment to fair-trade labor practices. This choice is a step towards more ethical production, challenging the norms of the garment industry in India.

Waste Reduction: Our production team is based in New Delhi, which has some of the worst air quality in the world. For over a decade we have understood that it’s of little use to create jobs for women in need while participating in degrading the environment they live in. By reusing cotton, we contribute to less material ending up in landfills, which means less waste transport or incineration.

Conclusion: Ask for Recycled Cotton

At WORK+SHELTER, choosing recycled cotton is more than a manufacturing decision; it’s a reflection of our values. This choice intertwines our commitment to the environment, our dedication to empowering women, and our promise to deliver unique, quality products to our customers.

To support our mission of helping women-in-need by ordering recycled cotton totes, zip pouches, or other items, please connect with us at [email protected].

Photo Credit: Lotta Jansdotter