Junior Manager Capacity Building at WORK+SHELTER

Khushi talking about how she loves her work

WORK+SHELTER exists to help women-in-need in India. This goal is accomplished in a number of different ways including meeting new team members or staff where they are on professional level, and providing them with opportunities, support, and tools along the way.

Our team members in New Delhi may have vastly different levels of educational or work experience. Some women have never been to school a day in their lives. Others have graduated from government schools but are still in need of foundational training. For our production team we have training initiatives on how to stitch, quality check, and finish garments. But we also have training initiatives for our junior level management staff. Junior level manager tends to be unmarried women in their early 20’s who need to work to support their parents or siblings. They may have basic education, but usually do not have any professional work opportunity or experience. Our recent trainings with them include the following:

  • Professional norms and standards coaching
  • Google Docs, Sheets, and Drive
    • Calendar invites, simple formulas, folder creation
  • English for emails
    • Writing basic emails, later refined by senior staff
  • Process document creation and refinement
    • Memorializing steps and tools

An excerpt from Khushi, who started off on the stitching team but is now overseeing logistics can be found here.


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An excerpt and self-assessment from the cultural homework of a junior level manager:

To support our mission of helping women-in-need by ordering custom-sewn goods, please connect with us at [email protected].