Funding Your Promotional Product Program: 2 Steps for Small Businesses

At WORK+SHELTER, we’re committed to sewing super high quality swag while making a difference in the world. We know that for small businesses, every dollar counts and purchasing has to be financially sustainable. On that note, it’s actually possible to leverage branded merchandise to not only generate revenue but also fund giveaways that amplify your brand’s reach. Let’s dive into how ordering swag from us can help you achieve your marketing goals while contributing to social impact.

Tote bag for Diaspora Co. Image © Diaspora Co.

Step 1: Sell Your Swag

Let’s say you are a growing small business – you have a loyal fan base but are looking to expand your reach. It’s possible to parlay the support of your current customers by adding complimentary categories of goods. For example:

  • A spice company that often vends at farmer’s markets offers a shopping bag
  • A restaurant that sells their own in-house brand of olive oil in glass bottles offers a gift bag the exact right size for the oil
  • A soap company that employs refugees in the making of the soap adds a t-shirt that drives home the impact

Organic custom-printed tees for Sitti Soap. Image © Sitti Co.

Now, on to the numbers:

  • To start, you could sell branded hoodies for $54 each to your existing fans, with a margin of $25 per hoodie.
  • Selling 100 hoodies would yield $2,500 in margin ($25 profit per hoodie × 100 hoodies sold).

And of course, by selling high quality swag, you’re not only generating revenue for your business and buidling your brand, but also creating positive change in the lives of others.

Work+Shelter can create product you can use for giveaways.

Step 2: Reinvest In Giveaways

As you sell branded merchandise made at WORK+SHELTER and generate revenue, you have the opportunity to fund giveaways that amplify your brand’s reach while making a positive impact. Let’s see how you can use the profits from selling hoodies to fund giveaways of bags that can be purchased at a lower price point:

  • With the $2,500 profit from selling hoodies, you now have funds to invest in other promotional items to giveaway.
  • Let’s say with those funds you decide to purchase handcrafted tote bags for $5 each. You can actually purchase and give away 500 bags, really expanding the brand reach of your business

In conclusion, WORK+SHELTER empowers businesses to maximize their promotional product ROI while making a meaningful difference in the world. By selling ethically sourced merchandise, funding giveaways that amplify brand reach, and reinvesting profits into sustainable growth, you can create positive impact at every step of the way. Ready to make a difference with your branded merchandise? Get started with WORK+SHELTER today and join us in our mission to create a better world, one product at a time.