“WORK+SHELTER’s mission is to make it easy for organizations to purchase wholesale quantities of high quality, ethically made, customized sewn goods. In pursuit of a more just world, we employ women in need and primarily source natural, recycled, organic, materials or low-impact raw materials.


We are self reliant

We may not know everything, but we are strong women and even if we don’t know, we will figure it out. Instead of spending time blaming one another we focus on process-oriented solutions and taking the responsibility to improve our organization and deliver the high quality products and services our customers deserve. We are empowered to make decisions, and while we may accept failure, we will not accept not trying

We are optimistic

We believe that we can make a positive difference in the world and one another’s lives

We are people-focused

This is an organization built to serve people. We care about helping the women we work with, supporting and developing one another for the long term, and pursuing roles and interests for ourselves that make us feel more alive and satisfied

We are sustainability-focused

We know that we are operating within a broader global context and an ecological environment that is precariously placed. We do our best to limit our impact in running our business, whether it be through reducing waste or using more eco-friendly materials

We persevere

We push through when things are difficult. We know this was never meant to be easy. We accept that, and glean confidence from this understanding

We are professional

We hold ourselves and one another to high standards. Even though we are a small organization we are smart, process oriented, and treat each other with respect

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