Our Team

Theresa VanderMeer

A tech-loving social entrepreneur, Theresa identifies deeply with the Horace Mann quote “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.” As a University of Michigan-funded researcher, she worked to understand how economic empowerment transforms women’s lives. When not in the entrepreneur hustle, T can be found exercising her champion sleeping abilities at less-than-ideal places like Burning Man + compulsively reading The New York Times, including her favorite column “Modern Love.” Read more about Theresa on her personal site: theresavandermeer.party

Ritu Marwai

From managing Quality Control to leading our fabulous ladies in computer training, Ritu is always on top of her game. She proudly holds a degree in Fashion Design, has 12 years of working experience + her amazing work speaks for itself! When not at W+S, she can be found trying her hand at new stitching techniques or spending quality time with her adorable daughter Rudhrakshi.

Erin Stoskopf

Bio forthcoming 🙂

Amanda Dye

As a former Offshore Operations Specialist with Publicis + having run her own Spanish translation business for 10 years, working internationally and cross-culturally is Amanda’s cup of chai. When she isn’t number crunching, invoicing, and tracking cash flow for WORK+SHELTER, Amanda loves dancing.

Allyson Dykhuizen

Allyson Dykhuizen is a knitwear designer and knitting teacher living in Chicago. When she’s not managing sales for WORK+SHELTER she’s knitting and sewing up a storm in order to make her wardrobe 100% handmade.

Nitu Choudhary

Nitu is an Ex-Engineer turned artist, a.k.a amateur writing enthusiast! She has obsessions for Landon Carter, over-sized outfits, journals and jhumkas. If not busy strategizing a new W+S Project/Tracker, she may be caught decorating walls with crazy stuff or working for social causes…+ she won’t shut up about her best friend Kamna Negi.

Britani Hutchinson

Brit is a Designer-Seamstress + English Teacher from Chicago gone Globe-trotter. When not marketing + freelancing from the nearest cafe, you can find her volunteering + cartwheeling wherever she is in the world.

Tuna VanderMeer

Our main source of inspiration + style icon, Tuna is responsible for all the positivity we maintain at W+S. When not working to keep spirits high, she can be found lounging + enjoying the side of milk with our chai.

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